In 2014, TSI was awarded a three-year contract by Valard Construction LP to provide camp catering support for their remote work camps associated with construction of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project. TSI supported six remote movable camps as the project progressed across Newfoundland & Labrador.

TSI provided all necessary equipment and personnel to support camp operations, including:

  • Mobilization of camp and support equipment and small tools including set-up of kitchen and dorms.
  • Provision of Lodge Management services and hotel software.
  • Housekeeping, janitorial services and laundry of linens and bedding for entire camps.
  • Catering, kitchen operations, menu preparation and re-supply of food.
  • Provision of personnel and training including transportation to and from site.
  • Daily Canteen services for larger camps.
  • De-commissioning and demobilization of camp and support equipment.

This contract was successfully completed at the end of 2017.