Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Project

In 2014, TSI through its partnership with ATCO was awarded a contract by Valard Construction LP to provide camp catering support for their remote work camps. TSI supports 6 of the remote camps which do move around as the project goes across Newfoundland & Labrador.… Read More

Voisey’s Bay Projects

In September 1993, prospectors exploring northern Labrador for diamonds discovered the Voisey’s Bay nickel deposit inLabrador. It lies on the eastern edge of a vast expanse of northern wilderness, 350 km north… Read More

Saglek Remediation Project

In August, 2002 TSI was awarded a contract by Defence Construction Canada (DCC) to provide a 42 person mobile camp complete with kitchen, recreation area, lounge, potable water, sewerage system including sewage… Read More

Nain Office Building Renovations

When design engineers called tenders for the Nain Office Building Renovations the lowest tender received was approximately 50 % higher than the allocated construction budget. As a result the Department of Nunatsiavut… Read More

Safety Achievements

TSI was selected from over 16,000 employers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to be a founding member in the Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission CEO Charter Leaders in Health and Safety… Read More