Saglek Remediation Project

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Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Project

In 2014, TSI was awarded contract by Valard LP to provide camp catering support for their remote work camps through its partnership with ATCO. TSI supports 6 remote camps which do move around as the project progresses across Newfoundland & Labrador.

TSI, under this contract, provided all necessary equipment and personnel to support the camp operations. These included but not limited to: 

  • Mobilization of camp and support equipment
  • Set-up support for kitchens and dorms
  • Janitorial services for entire camps
  • Kitchen operations & re-supply of food
  • Seasonal food re-supply for dry and canned goods
  • Daily Canteen services for larger camps
  • Repairs and maintenance to the camp and supporting equipment
  • De-commissioning and demobilization of camp and support equipment

This contract is currently ongoing and is expected to be completed by end of year 2017

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